5 City Landmarks Within 5 Miles of The Center for Family Life & Recreation at Lyon Park

5 City Landmarks Within 5 Miles of The Center for Family Life & Recreation at Lyon Park


In addition to the variety of programs and enrichment activities at the Community Family Life & Recreation Center at Lyon Park, we’re proud to be located in the heart of Durham. Read on to discover five local landmarks to visit within five miles of our center!

11. DPAC – Durham Performing Arts Center

With a capacity of 2,700, the Durham Performing Arts Center is the largest performing arts center in North and South Carolina. With over 200 performances per year, it is a highly-praised establishment that serves as the venue for touring Broadway shows, comedy events, music concerts, the American Dance Festival, family shows, and many other kinds of performances.

Address: 123 Vivian Street, Durham, North Carolina


  1. Duke Lemur Center

Housed on 80 acres of land, the Duke Lemur Center is the world’s largest sanctuary for this endangered species. The Center has housed and taken care of almost 4,000 primates including lemurs, lorises and tarsiersm, to date. Currently, there are approximately 250 primates representing 21 species.

Address: 3705 Erwin Road, Durham, North Carolina

  1. Sarah P. Duke Gardens (Pictured at the top of this post)

Located on Anderson Street on the campus of Duke University, Sarah P. Duke Gardens is a 55-acre public garden that features both wooded and landscaped areas.

There are also five miles of trails and walks that wind their way through the garden, which is divided into four main areas.

Address: 420 Anderson Street, Durham, North Carolina


  1. Nasher Museum of Art

Located adjacent to campus at Duke University, the Nasher Museum of Art is an art museum that contains more than 13,000 works ranging from antiquity to contemporary art.

Address: 2001 Campus Drive, Durham, North Carolina,


  1. American Tobacco District

This historic district, previously the home of the American Tobacco Company, has played a large role in Durham’s rich history. Today, the revitalized area is home to variety of trendy boutiques and renowned eateries.

Address: 318 Blackwell Street, Durham, North Carolina