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Our community. Our center.

Welcome to the Community Family Life and Recreation Center at Lyon Park! We extend a warm invitation for you to participate in the various activities we have to offer.

Established a century ago, our center originally served as a school for African-American children in Durham’s West End neighborhood. Thanks to the West End Community Foundation, Inc., it has been rejuvenated and transformed into a modern facility featuring amenities such as a gym, auditorium, computer lab, meeting rooms, and a diverse range of programs, from summer camps to a health clinic.

Feel free to visit us. Bring your children, bring your neighbors. Engage in a game of basketball, dance in our studio, or organize a gathering. Stay connected by signing up for our e-newsletter and text messages, and explore our presence on social media.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Interested in joining us for the 25th Annual George C. Smith Golf Tournament?

Go to the Events page for more details.